24 November 2006


Yesterday night was the weirdest night I ever had.

There was a dense fog that dropped down the city, and the visibility was really very low. Driving at midnight was a pain, and cars all slowed down because really, it was so hard to see what is in front of you even if you have the headlights on.

It felt like when Marion Crane was driving from Phoenix, Arizona to the Bates Motel in Psycho. Really, that surreal. Something that would make you think that what if you're in a different world once you open the car door, and you end up in the twilight zone?

Anyway, I made some changes to my blog. I got tired of the red two-sidebar motif. So I tried something different. I like the way orange mixes with the black. Very sexy.

Speaking of sexy, I am so into Turkish music nowadays. I guess this is a side effect of my class that I am teaching. I became exposed to the genre of World Music, and Turkish music really has some good grooves and rhythms. It feels so sexy listening to them. Really, this is real erotic music, better than the background music they play in porn movies.

Oh well, enough of randiness, and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Wow, nice skin bud! Lovin it.

    Have a great weekend as well.

    BDW, you stated "Really, this is real erotic music, better than the background music they play in porn movies."

    Hahaha...how did you know LOL! Joke lang po. Nanggugud-time lang :-D

  2. Oh, the new look is sexy, indeed...
    ...and powerful, but powerful is sexy too :-)

  3. jef,

    Hehe. I'm 24. By this time, I've been oriented, I guess. Hehe. No, but seriously, when I was in Humanities 2 (Art Appreciation), my professor gave the class a showcase of different music types, from elevator music, to grocery music, to porn music, and how they are varied. I guess that's the modest answer.


    Indeed, powerful is sexy sometimes.