28 November 2006


I guess I have some reason to be happy. Some reason to be euphoric.

I just finished writing a rough draft of my paper for one of my classes. This happens to be the class whose topic I am extremely interested in, and so the paper I wrote serves two purposes: it is the rough draft of the final paper for the class (I will revise it, after the comments I got from today's presentation) and it will be the rough rough draft for my qualifying paper (aka MA thesis). So next semester, I will have the rough rough draft when I take the MA thesis guidance class.

My professor also gave us a flyer announcing a conference in the near future. And since I have a paper, or at least, a rough draft of a paper, then it would not hurt to submit an abstract for presentation. The deadline for the submission is 2 weeks from now. That is, December 15. So I will aim for a submission, and if that abstract gets accepted, then I might be flying transcontinentally (it's not international, so there is no visa problems, since it is within the US) to present this paper. Yay!

So those are some of my reasons for being euphoric right now. I basically got one hurdle down, and since it's almost the end of the semester, it's about time.

I guess I mentioned I would be posting about the Polish Room, but that could wait. Sorry Susanne!

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