26 November 2006


At the prodding of Susanne again, I decided to pick up my digicam and snap a few here and there. I like taking pictures after all, and I miss doing them. It's just that sometimes I feel like I cannot find a good subject.

But then, sometimes the normal things are the stars of our life. One's life does not need to be ecstatic or eventful, in order for it to be a subject. If you don't agree, why are you still reading this blog?

So as a start, I snapped some photos of the building I usually haunt (well, it's not completely true, I haunt Baldy Hall the most, since I have my office there), which is Lockwood Memorial Library.

This is a shot from the fifth floor. The whole building has five floors and a basement. And I usually spend time at the fifth floor, since that is the floor that contains books under the letter P. The entrance is at the second floor, where there are the magnetic detectors, and once you pass through that, you can ride the elevator.

See all the rows of books here. I wonder how long it would take if somebody would try to read every book in a given shelf.

A close-up of some of the books in the shelves. As you can see, these are some books that talk about Afro-Asiatic languages. Those are some books on Maltese right there.

Here is one desk unit that is commonly found in Lockwood. There are tons of these where you can turn on the light and sit there and read. I never use these, simply because I have an office, so all I do is pick the books I need, check them out (and I have 16 weeks to read them, compared to undergrads who only have 4 weeks) and carry them to my office.

Next time, I'll post about a room I never knew existed in Lockwood, the Polish Room.


  1. that study table reminds me of the ones they have in the Econ library in Diliman :)

  2. ang linis ng library na yan ah. malayong-malayo sa magulong shelves ng main library in upd. hehehe! ;)

  3. Ohh, that's great that there are some photos again and thanks for mentioning me too!

    Exactly these simple things are interesting for visitors of your blog.
    I am glad seeing a part of your daily life in the photos: Wow, so many books around you!
    You will get a bookworm in that surrounding?
    LIW, take care of you!!!

  4. Duke,

    Talaga? Never been to the School of Economics eh. Wala lang, wala kasi akong classes doon noon. Main Lib (Gonzalez Hall ba yun?) lang ang kabisado ko.


    Kumusta na? How's Bahrain? So true, malinis na malinis ang libraries dito. Pati nga graffiti kinakalkal every semester, para mawala ulit.


    Hehehe. I guess you're right. Don't worry, I'll be posting some more pictures.