06 November 2006

My Dates

By saying "dates", I am not referring to women and their company. No, I am referring to the edible fruit found commonly in Southwest Asia.

I have discovered a Middle Eastern market near my place. It is called the "Ziad Market" and they sell imported Middle Eastern stuff, from spices to couscous to dates. I have passed by that shop many times before, but not until the storm hit us last October 12, that I actually paid attention to them.

The reason was because they were the only shop that was open on October 13, one day after the storm.

We went inside that day, together with a few friends, looking for something to buy that might be useful for us, like extra candles, matches, and other stuff. They gave us matches, instead of selling them.

While I was inside, I saw their dates, huge medjool dates. I bought two packs, one for me and one for the friends that I was staying with.

After that, I usually drop by that store, before I head home, and buy a pound of dates, at least, once a week. They just have the best dates in Buffalo.

I asked them once, where their dates were coming from. Well, the first time I was there, not counting the time I was there during the storm, they showed me their dates. They even offered to let me taste some, which later I learned, was coming from California. But the ones that come from Saudi Arabia, they didn't let me taste. Of course, that was better, so I got a pound of that.

There's Tunisian dates as well. But the Saudi Arabian variety was the best.

The other night, I wanted some dates, and usually it is already measured by the pound and repacked in plastic. But this time, there was no repacked package that was ready to take, instead, there was a box full of dates.

The store owner, who remembers me this time, gave me a plastic bag and said that I can take how much I want. I in turn said that I want the whole box. So he took it and repacked it. It turned out that it was about a pound and a half. But he smiled and gave me everything for the price of one pound.

Hehe, preferred customer should I say!

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  1. Cool blog.
    I also love dates (yes, the edible variety). And fresh prunes, too.