21 November 2006


I am amazed even by myself sometimes because I am able to synchronize and choreograph my schedule at a perfect precision that sometimes other people are surprised. I seem to be the person who knows exactly what I am doing at May 20, 2007 at 2:00 PM.

I am done with my class. I only have one quiz left to give. And I have one take home final exam to give. That's it.

Another conclusion. Another year to close. Another year to open.

Time flies fast, definitely.

I am in the middle of my second year. I have 39 credits left. I have already finished my secondary research paper, and I am about to write my qualifying paper (aka MA thesis). Then, I will be writing my dissertation proposal, and then I will write my dissertation.

Goal for now: to finish all of that by June 2009.

Sometimes it feels funny looking back at what I left home: my friends who though of the same age as I am, they already have a family. With kids and everything. I on the other hand am still single, enjoying my freedom, enjoying the lack of worries.

I have to confess sometimes, whenever I see couples out there, clutching their hands together, it seems it is a fantasyland out there, being with somebody else. But then I get shook back to reality, and then a few milliseconds later, I realize how fortunate I am that I am just caring for myself.

I see the case of my fellow graduate student who has two kids. He, being the father, with a wife who isn't working, his plan for the summer is an internship so he could get some extra money for his family.

I on the other hand is flying down to Ecuador for a week of escape.

Being single... I love it.

It may be lonely at times, but then, if there are stuff that would keep me busy, then who would remember loneliness?


  1. iba talaga ang single ..... sarili mo lang ang pagkakagastusan mo. wehehe

  2. there is a time for everything. a time to be single, a time to be double. heheh

  3. glad that you like being single. i, on the other hand, am very much bothered by it. hay, senti.

  4. I do believe that we should enjoy ourselves first--try to find the real person inside of us and mend all the insecuritues that comes along while growing up--before settling down for good. You cannot give what you don't have as they say, and I want to be a COMPLETE person before I could say to my son that he should live a full life. Yes, being a single has advantages and like you--Im lovin' it.

    Cheers to stud stags...eherm...like us :-D