12 November 2006


I am the kind of person who "compartmentalizes" my lives. That was the term used by a close friend of mine when he analyzed my personality a few years back. As much as possible, I never wanted to mix my different lives. So my professional life does not intersect with my personal life, and it does not intersect with my spiritual life, and so on.

From a certain point of view, this may be thought of as not desirable. It is because this implies that I am a fake to someone else. That I am leading a double life. That what I am in a certain life is totally different from what I am in another life.

But that is one point of view. One reading.

I realized this weekend that this can also be beneficial, especially when you are teaching.

A student of mine somehow seemed to exhibit behavior that she wanted to be more than just a student. She wanted to be a friend. Now, don't you go thinking about romance, it is not about that. All she wanted to be was a close "friend". She seems to be on extremely good terms with all of the people around her, regardless if those are senior to her or not.

I somehow blocked her efforts to be close to me.

Because it was too close for comfort.

I felt like it was a start of my personal life (which includes close friends and acquaintances) intersecting with my professional life.

My role when I get inside that classroom is to teach. That is my primary role. My role isn't to be a confidant or a close friend to 30 people. My role is to convey information about a specific topic.

I strictly separate my professional and personal life.

Functionality, pragmatism, and reason. Makes perfect sense.

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  1. Ditto, LIW. I thought I was weird. Thanks for sharing :)