18 November 2006

Weekend Musing

November 18. Two days after the day it first snowed last year.

This weather is really weird. First, the sky dumps 20 inches of snow and topples trees over on October 12, paralyzing the whole Western New York. Then, it delays the snow for a couple of days more. Last year, it was November 16, and the funny thing this year is that somehow it seems warm. Warmer than usual.

I am not complaining.

But I am somewhat unnerved by the unpredictability of the weather.

On a different note, I finished meeting with my class. All they need to do is take one last quiz and a take home finals.

And I have the finals ready as well.

I have returned all the sources to the library. And thus, I can concentrate on my own classes.

Oh well, I cannot wait till summer is here.

I can easily visualize myself waking up to the sights and sounds of Centro Historico, and seeing the views of the Plaza de Santo Domingo.

Hmm, I better go. I have some Arabic sounds to process.

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  1. dito rin tsong mainit sa pinas. di tulad dati malamig na kapag palapit na ang desyembre.