14 December 2006

Academic Flatline

Hehehe. A breath of fresh air. Metaphorically.

I finished all my requirements today. I passed my Corpus Linguistics paper, and I also finished revising my Tense and Aspect Seminar paper. All I need is to pass it tomorrow.

So, with regard to the classes I am taking, everything is done.

I have ripped all my notes from my notebooks, and transferred them to my binder, since I recycle my notebooks. Now, my desk is clear again, and ready for the next batch of classes. And since next semester, I only have two real classes (the third being a qualifying paper guidance class, not a real lecture session), I will be a little bit relaxed. And I am not teaching next semester as well.

Speaking of my class, my students have been turning in their final exams already. And I have been grading them too. So far the turn out is good and satisfactory. For some, I need to meet with them and explain the whole thing again, but then, when I see them nod in agreement and show signs of understanding, then I am happy.

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  1. Glad that your sem's over too. I still have one exam to write on the 19th, and after that it's all about my part-time job and pending books to be read. :P