30 December 2006

Am I Pregnant?

I finished my other novel. It was a surrealist and existentialist novel at the same time. It dealt with future lives, and how the living dead are being controlled by the living. How the living dead only live because of the memories of the living. And if there is no one else that is living, such as if an epidemic happens, then the living dead disappear as well.

Anyway, I picked up a new novel a few days ago, and this one is entitled Love, and it is written by a Hungarian author. I'll let you know how this one goes.

On a different and weird note, I feel like I am craving for livers. Chicken livers in particular. I miss the isaw (chicken livers, intestines, feet, and other innards that are skewered into sticks and barbecued) that are sold at night in UP Diliman (my undergrad institution). During a semester in which I had to take a class that ends in 7:00 PM, most of the nights, my friends and I would walk from Palma Hall to the corner of Pook Dagohoy, where the isaw vendor would be standing. A good 15 minutes of isaw consumption worked wonders.

Funny, I crave for this, when I haven't been cooking meat products for the longest time.

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