27 December 2006


I had a funny experience yesterday. I guess it illustrates the difference in the playing fields that I am involved with.

Yesterday night, a friend invited me over for dinner. In the dinner table, there was a Nigerian friend and a Ghananian friend as well. And a couple of Americans who were living in Buffalo for decades. They asked how far Nigeria is from Ghana.

Well, the Nigerian and the Ghananian couldn't agree as to how long the flight would take from Lagos to Accra.

I on the other hand, said, "It's about from here to Maine."

The American woman said, "Main St? That's pretty close!"

And everybody laughed. Another American friend said, "Not Main St! Maine State! You better know who you are talking to!"

It just made me realize how small the worlds of other people are.

I have read in a Newsweek article a few months ago that a large percentage of the American population live in the state that they were born.

They never move.

Last Monday, in a separate dinner, I was chatting with some new friends and asked them whether they lived in Buffalo all their lives. Apparently, no. But when I asked where did they come from, they just mentioned another town less than an hour away.

Apparently, my playing field has a larger size than theirs.

Finally, let me share the first of my Inverted Darkness Series. Enjoy.


  1. There's even a joke that most Americans are too haughty (?) the only country they know is USA. Happy New Year to you, LIW.

  2. Abaniko,

    I've encountered people like that. People saying that the USA is the best country to live in, when in fact, they haven't been to any other country, not even a visit, so how could they tell?


  3. That's a fascinating treatment of your photo! I like the effect!