03 December 2006

Buffalo at Night

Every time I go home from school, I pass by the main throughway of Main Street. The part where I walk is lined by a couple of fast food restaurants, two tattoo shops, two dry cleaning shops, a chocolate shop, a Middle-Eastern diner, a bag shop, two churches, a school, a Middle-Eastern grocery, a Jewish Centre, and a dental clinic.

This is what it looks at night. I took this photo at the corner of Merrimac St. and Main St.

And this may be what it looks for a drunk person, or a sleepy person, if he is facing the traffic, where everything is blurred.

It looks like a dream, with all your senses blending to each other. How eclectic...

1 comment:

  1. Interesting experiments!!!

    The first one is great because of its different lights and the second one's blurring makes me dizzy in my head :-)

    But you are right - your photo and my photo have some similarity.