12 December 2006

Concluding The Semester

This week has been a conclusive week. Slowly but surely, my classes are slowly ending.

Today, being Tuesday, I had the Phonetics exam. And since I am already done with the paper, taking the exam concludes the whole class for me. I think I did well on that one. Speaking of the paper, I passed a 49-page paper on the phonetic analysis of the sounds of Kuwaiti Spoken Arabic. My paper was too thick I couldn't staple it, so I had it spiral-bound. By the way, it doesn't have a cover page and a table of contents. I don't know, I guess being an INTJ doesn't help.

I am finished with my Corpus Linguistics project. I have finished writing the Perl program for my project, and the results are in accord to my hypothesis. So I am happy, and that makes writing the paper easier, which I am doing right now. This paper is due this week Friday.

I am going to revise my draft for my Tense and Aspect Seminar paper. I have already written the paper a month ago, but I got comments from the audience when I presented it in class, so I'll incorporate that in my paper and revise it accordingly. This is also related to my research program, so it is nothing that I have no knowledge about.

My students are already turning in their take home final exams. So far I have graded three of them. They have until Friday 5:00 PM to turn it in. After that, I'll be grading them and will submit their grades to the office.

If there is a hint of a period of time in which I can relax and take a breath, I guess that doesn't last that long. I have to meet my adviser this Friday to discuss my next move in my research program. He told me to wait and not submit an abstract to upcoming conferences yet, since I still don't have a concrete idea as to what is going on in my data. He is right. So I guess I'd rather wait and do more research until I have something tangible to present. That will take the floor by storm. So I guess I am not going to San Francisco or Chicago next Spring.

Some of my friends are leaving Buffalo for good. Which is a bummer. One is transferring to another university, and another is graduating. What is also depressing is that most of them are going away for the winter, while I am staying here. I need a distraction, and I guess my research will provide me with it. Although I am planning with a few friends that will remain here to visit Niagara Falls in the winter. We'll take a ride up there and watch the water fall. If that plan pushes through I'll take photos and show it here.

So the plan for the week involves me going to my friend's house and helping her move. Her moving van arrives Thursday morning, and she will be staying with another friend and then Friday will be the day when she leaves for the Midwest for good.

Sometimes, being an INTJ sucks...


  1. What is an INTJ?

    I miss some photos, LIW - you know I need them for my pleasure!

  2. INTJ--International Jock hehe.

    Ano po yun?!!

  3. Susanne and jef,

    INTJ stands for Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging, a personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Read my entry here, since I discussed this once regarding my personality before, a year ago. Take the test and tell me what your personality type is.

  4. Hi, LIW, That's the result of the test:

    Your Type is ESFJ
    Extroverted 33%
    Sensing 38%
    Feeling 62%
    Judging 11%
    Strength of the prefererences%

    ESFJ type description by D.Keirsey
    ESFJ type description by J. Butt

    Qualitative analysis of your type formula

    You are:

    * moderately expressed extrovert
    * moderately expressed sensing personality
    * distinctively expressed feeling personality
    * slightly expressed judging personality

    I agree with you: There is much truth in it.