18 December 2006

Grades, Among Other Things

I submitted my grades for the class that I taught this semester. That officially marks my class as OVAH!!!

I know I have been talking about this topic for a while, but still, I cannot stress enough the weird emotional responsibility that one has, when one is put in the position that one controls the lives of another human, and a passing or a failing grade can have an effect to the life of another person in the long run.

I failed two students.

And I tried to rationalize and see different angles whether I could somehow raise their grades to get a passing grade, but no matter how I turn it, it never works.

I still seem to prefer justice over mercy.

I think it would be unfair to the other students who actually worked their butts off in order to get a higher grade.

In this way, I am so happy for the students who are getting an A. They really deserve it, and I am more than happy to give it to them.

On a similar topic, my Phonetics professor approached me saying that she liked my 49-page paper. And I got the hint that I am getting an A in the class.


I hope that this semester would not see a collapse of my straight-A pattern. Hopefully not.

So, let me post my second picture from my Telephone Series.


  1. Hi dear Linguist,

    best greetings from Hans from Tbilisi, thank you very much for your comments. I find this blogs design wonderful. I hope you'll be successful with your students and with your own studies. I need to read deeper into your blog to get some insights of your studies.

    Best regards

  2. The phone wires are looking so museal, museum-like, melancholy.

    I 1995 when a great love-affair finished very badly, I remember me watching the wire all the time, waiting for a call. But then soon came the plague with the cell phones...

  3. Nice photo... :-)
    ...looks like a snake.