15 December 2006


I finished reading my novel yesterday night. So I returned it to the library and borrowed another one. This one! Entitled Layover, this is a story about a person comfronting grief and the many things that she does. Anyway, I'll start on this tonight.

The last novel I read was a good novel as well. It shed light into the happenings inside the human trafficking system. It was about a scout's life odyssey while searching for the most beautiful species of human beings all over the world. Oh well, that is fiction, after all.

Anyway, I have some papers to grade. My students have been turning in their finals exams since the beginning of this week, and the outcome is what I expected. The people who do well did well, the people who do not did not.

I think I have another tag to my job description. Some fellow graduate students just open up to me with their problems. The thing is, they are my friends, and as much as possible, I do not want to be cold and indifferent to their problems. But the thing is, I am a linguist, not a psychologist. I know what I know and I know what I don't know. This is something I don't know.

I never realized that teaching is so rewarding until after the end of a semester, after I finished everything. I have met plenty of different students who have different stories to tell. Of course, I am not at liberty to tell them here, but it is encouraging to see people who tried to overcome personal hurdles just to understand what I was teaching. Being a person in control of another person's future is indeed powerful, and sometimes, I do not think that I can hold on to the reins and be that person. I had a student who needed to pass my class to graduate, and he had trouble understanding the concepts that I was teaching. But he tried, and he succeeded. It was very encouraging, touching, even, to see how motivated he was to overcome the barrier and pass the course. Afterward, when he handed in his finals exam, after scanning it, it seemed decent, and indeed he passed. And his look was priceless.

I just had a meeting with my adviser today. So that means that I will have something to do over the break. I also have a paper to read that may help for my research.

Ah, the smooth sound of conclusion. But I guess my next semester has already begun.

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  1. On the last book you read, I think the most beautiful specimen of a human is the one who is writing this comment...ehemm!

    Kudos on another milestone, LIW. A student will be gauged by the amount of knowledge he derived from his mentor.

    Keep pressing on.

    Kumusta ka na pala :)