01 December 2006

On To The Next

I cannot believe myself that I finished the other book I was reading in less than a week. It was a weird book, a book that happens in less than a day, and it is about a rich guy with highly sexed women around him. He has sex multiple times a day, and at the end of the day, he dies.

Anyway, enough of that. I borrowed another book from the library, from a Spanish author this time, named Juan Bonilla. The book is entitled The Nubian Prince. And so far, it is an interesting read.

Changing gears, I am almost done with my Phonetics paper. I have been running Arabic data in the lab and looking at the waveforms of the sounds in the program. I have been finding weird and interesting facts about this language. I'll post about the findings after I finish writing them. It will be a little bit technical but it is fun.

It is raining today. Bad. I wore the wrong shoes to my office today and they are now soaked. Oh, the unusually warm weather has ended and winter is finally here, slowly creeping behind our backs.


  1. The photo is interesting! It reminds me of a photo from you yourself you've posted last year I think.

    The eyes are covered with a black beam taking off the possibility seeing anything.
    Without the ability and the allowance seeing the world around us we are forced developing other abilities like "feeling" the surrounding or like intuitively perceiving it...

  2. By the by is your new logo the photo you've mentioned on my blog?

  3. During my hiatus, I've wactched Disney's Atlantis. I never thought that linguist do that, I mean, decipher codes and all that stuff. Your chosen field is indeed interesting.

    Hey, bdw, what's the title of that book with the sex-crazed rich man LOL!

  4. Susanne,

    Nope, I'm still going to post it. I think I'll post it today.


    It's entitled Cosmopolis, and the relevant entry is here.


  5. jef,

    By the way, I haven't watched Atlantis yet, but I think I have an idea what you are talking about. The field's history certainly interacts with the field of archaeology, and language is a systematic concept, so there is indeed decipherment that is involved. It may be exciting like deciphering ancient scripts, but also, there is a sub-field called forensic linguistics where linguists apply their knowledge to a more practical level.