20 December 2006

Quantum Theory

As a temporal semanticist, I believe in possible worlds. This simply means that anything could be possible from the point in time called "Now" onward. This is called the branching-future-hypothesis. There exists plenty of different possibilities for the future.

And I somehow don't like how this future is turning out, at least, for the time being.

My activity line is getting more and more subdued.

I miss the pressure.

Again, the symptoms of a workaholic.

I did some stuff that marked closure of the semester.

I submitted my grades the other day. I copied my files to my re-writable CD and emptied my folder, ready for the incoming semester. I also returned all the books that I don't need anymore. I cleaned my desk and put up a new calendar for the new year.

New people have come to the department. And people who have gone have come back.

A newly-hired syntactician came to the department, and started setting up his office. The professor on sabbatical came back from Japan, and another professor on course-reduction just came back from Mexico after doing his fieldwork.

He just walked in my open office offering me his home-made cookies, accomplishing the feat with a simple one-word sentence:


And I got up and accepted a piece, accomplishing the feat with another one-word sentence:


Yesterday, I had a weird dream. I cannot say that it was a nightmare, but I seem to be located somewhere in Japan or the Philippines. My recent dreams include Osaka or Manila somehow, which is weird. It was dark, it seems to be a corner street, my family was trailing behind me, and then I see my best friend, and his brother, but I don't come up and acknowledge him. Weird. I act as if I don't know him, and instead, I laugh hard. Dracula-like. My family starts to think I am crazy. My best friend's little brother then comments that I may have a mental condition. Then I get 2 feet away from my best friend and laugh real hard I almost choke on my saliva.

Then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream.

Before I go, let me share my third photo from my Telephone Series. Maybe I will dream that I will get sucked into these holes and be transported in some other quantal plane.


  1. Like you, I believe in possible worlds (or future) branching from a decision.

    I just hope that whatever I decided or opted at this time will bring me the best of both world.

    Gusto sana kitang kumustahin but it seems you are just doing well.

    Take care, bro!

  2. kuya kung wala kang maraming ginagawa aba eh di dagdagan mo ang field service hours mo at magiging spiritually productive ka pa tiyak na di ka mabo-bored nyan nag-iimbak ka pa ng kayamanan sa langit pag yan ang ginawa mo

  3. I like this photo - sometimes such used things are so surprising while captured in an image...