16 December 2006


Today, I went to my office and moved stuff around. I switched the desks so that I will get the desk that is nearest to the window. Of course, I did this after my second officemate (the ghost) moved out and cleared his desk. And I didn't move a single piece of the desk of my first officemate.

The reason I wanted to have the space next to the window is somehow prompted by the behavior of my second officemate, or rather, ex-officemate. He used to have the small desk facing the window. I had the long desk next to the door. And when he had his office hours, he was sitting facing the window, and he would never turn whenever someone would pop his or her head inside the room. I then was worried that someone would just reach for my stuff on my table, since my table was the one nearest to the door. That would have been very easy, and since my ex-officemate didn't have the habit of looking at the door whenever someone comes in, I figured that he would have no clue as to whether someone was actually poaching my stuff or not. So I figured that I needed to be farther from the door, and when he moved out, I finally switched positions.


Anyway, that's all for now. But before I go, let me share you the first of my Telephone Series. Yeah right, I am a budding photographer. Just kidding.


  1. I found you through the blog from Heiner (Kaukasus). It looks quit good - your blog. Nice Design!