21 December 2006


I checked my grades online. And voila! Two of my three classes have my grades submitted.

And I have an A on both of them!

My Arabic research paid off! And my musings on Tagalog temporal semantics also paid off! I wonder how I did for the third class.

I finished reading my novel. It was about a woman in her middle-age, grieving over the loss of a son. And her adventures along the way.

So I picked up another novel. This time, it was written by an Indian author, and it is entitled The Space Between Us. I wonder how this would fare.

I usually select novels based on how they are bound. If they are new, then most likely I'll check it out of the library.

And that is why I don't buy books at the bookstore anymore. It is not functional. I read them, spend time for about a week or two, and then that is it. I never read a book twice. Except if I need to, like 1984, which I read twice for a book review assignment in undergrad.

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