28 December 2006

Wicked Brew

I have to say I am surprised at myself for having a new addiction.


I used to drink tea on a sporadic basis, in a cafe, a restaurant, but not regularly. I once bought a box of tea bags a year ago, but I didn't get into the mood to brew myself a cup regularly, that that box just ended up in the Linguistics lounge for other people to enjoy.

However, somehow this year saw some changes in my tea-drinking habits.

I picked up another box from the super last week, and now I am brewing myself a cup every day, sometimes even twice a day.

Perhaps it's because it is winter. Perhaps because I found out that making those water molecules excited takes not so long a time after all. Perhaps I realized that drinking the brew makes the whole body warm as well. Perhaps I also realized that it would be cheaper to brew my own (a box of 20 tea bags cost just 2.50 USD) than to buy a 16 oz cup everyday on campus (a 16 oz Chai costs 1.74 USD in any of the campus cafes).

Anyway, I am enjoying it.

So here as usual, I am leaving you all with the second of my Inverted Darkness Series. This is a picture of Hochstetter Hall and Capen Hall, housing the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department and the Undergraduate Library, respectively.


  1. Your "inverted darkness" series is great!
    With an interesting surreal touch...
    And I just thought about the question which people live behind that windows.

  2. Just droppin in. Nangangatok po. Manigong bagong taon, LIW.