25 January 2007

Cinque Cose Che Sono Accaduto Me

This is due to Prab, who tagged me with this meme. Basically, this is a self-exploration exercise, introspecting on the things that happened to me ever since I started this thing, that is, blogging.

  1. The first one I should say is that it provided me with an outlet. I initially started this because I was bored, it was July, I think, and I was waiting for the time when I would depart for Buffalo. I was still in Manila, and since the schoolyear in the US begins in August and the schoolyear in the Philippines ends in April, I had a few months of nothingness. Well, I did go to a vacation in Europe, visiting Athens, Vienna, and Rome in May, but my June and July were a little bit on the flat side. So I started this blog and it became an outlet of boredom, and a place where I could put my emotional thoughts in an anonymous yet accesible place. Humans are a weird sort. They want to be noticed, but not in a direct way. I guess I was like that as well.

  2. Blogging also provided me with a window to the world. I have met bloggers from everywhere. Of course, some have come and gone, but that is just the way it is. I have met bloggers from the Netherlands, Norway, The United Kingdom, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Greece, Germany, among others. They have provided me with a window to their part of the world, and it was a blast reading their entries. Check some of them out in my list on the right side of this page.

  3. Blogging has provided me with a way to get in touch with my family in a regular basis. At first, I had the hunch that they were reading this when I noticed in my tracker script that there are consistent visits from the Czech Republic (where my parents reside), and I engaged in a mind game with them, asking them questions like “What were you doing online at 11:15 PM Central European Standard Time?” among others. Evidently, they told me that they have been reading my blog for some time. Apparently, I have my devoted fans. In the end, it turned out well, because I don’t have to call them, or write them, regularly. They could just check with my blog and see how I am doing.

  4. It has provided me with a portal. A portal to my thoughts. I am a not-so-talkative person. The people who I consider close to me can be counted by hand. I am an INTJ, and I am very secretive. However, that seems to have changed when it comes to blogging. There are things I want to upload and the only place I can do it is in this blog.

  5. Finally, it has provided me with a distraction. It is like a drug. If I need to get my head into another realm, then I log in and post an entry. It spices up my life in a way. I guess this is a sort of hobby, in a way. I get to post pictures, write thoughts, and other stuff.

Speaking of pictures, this is another picture in my South Campus Series. Notice the tree, how the branches are broken. These are the remnants of the storm that happened last October 13. It was in the middle of Autumn, and the trees still had their leaves on them. So when the snow fell, it was heavy, and wet, and the trees gave way to the weight of the snow and crashed. Thus, I am guessing that there aren't a lot of greenery when Spring comes because of the fallen branches.


  1. i cant agree more with you. i was also surprised when i found out that friends from afar, and some of my relatives are actually following my blog. didnt even have a clue. but yeah, im loving this.

    keep on blogging LIW!

  2. I agree too with you about blogging.
    It's fun and need...

    The photo is great! I love shooting trees and picturing how they change in the seasons.

  3. Owen,

    Of course. You never know some of your relatives may be googling you and thus find your blog. Anyway, I have no plans of terminating this yet, it's been a year and a half since I started this thing.


    Thanks! Trees in winter don't usually look like that, but due to the storm, they were "damaged".

  4. The mind game thing was really funny. It wouldn't have surprised me if your folks said something like "No, we weren't doing anything wrong," and you would go paint them into a corner. lol

    For some reason, the people who said they're introverts in real life seem to be the opposite in the blogo-sphere.

    Here's to blogging being a drug. Cheers! :)