11 January 2007

Morning Thunder

I found a great solution to relieving myself of the waking blues.

Drink Morning Thunder Tea.

I found this specific type of tea manufactured by Celestial Seasonings. Nothing special, just that it is a mixture of black tea and yerba mate, of course, not decaffeinated. So your eyes would pop out wide awake. Good brew actually. Makes you charged all morning.

No wonder they call it Morning Thunder.

So, excluding today, there is still 4 days of no school left. The Spring semester will start January 16, but for me, it will start January 17, simply because I don't have classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Those are research days for me.

I watched a couple of movies lately. One was Syriana, which didn't make sense initially. I had to go online and read the plot summary so I could understand it. The reason for this is that there are multiple story lines, and some story lines are in a foreign language, Arabic and Punjabi, and there is no subtitles. One could only guess what they are saying.

The other was Pride and Prejudice. Now this one I liked. Now, I can sympathize with Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail when she would continuously wonder whether Elizabeth Bennett would end up with Mr. Darcy. There are just too many complications on the way! Oh, and I love the accents in the movie. (I know, only a true geek would give a remark like that.) The weird thing I noticed was how funny Kiera Knightly looked whenever she would flash her funny bunched-up lips smile, showing her pearly white teeth. And I guess I would prescribe a cup of Morning Thunder to Matthew MacFayden as well, since he always seems to be like sleepwalking for every shot in the movie. Can't he open his eyes a little bit wider?

Anyway, snow finally fell yesterday, and although there isn't much, the scenery has plenty of white on it. Here is a third picture from my Winter Buffalo Series. This is a pre-school (I think) that I pass by from my house to the bus stop.


  1. First time my girl friends watched Pride and Prejudice I fell asleep. Is it really worth it? If it is, now I know what next movie to look for if I find myself at Video City or Astrovision.

    And where to you get that tea? I seriously need one.

  2. prab,

    Well, depends on your taste actually. If you're a fan of films based on classical literature, then by all means, watch it. My sister who has read the book has been telling me that it is quite faithful to the book.

    Oh, and regarding the tea, I just got it in the super. I don't know if Celestial Seasonings are being exported to Manila, but if they are, you may be able to find them.