30 January 2007

Neurotic Impulses

I haven't blogged for a few days here, due to some stuff that I have to attend to. Stuff such as grading, my own research, homeworks, and the like. The semester is getting neurotic, slowly and gently.

I finished reading my other book last week. Finally. I have been getting sick of the Chinese backdrop of that book, and wanted a change of scenery. So after finishing the last page, I returned it to the library, and then I started on a cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer by William Gibson. So far, it is a good read.

The weather is steady in its coldness. So I tread the snow every day using my heavy duty boots. I have a change of shoes in my office so I don't have to wear the boots all the time while indoors.

My research is doing well. I have been meeting with my adviser regularly every week, and now, I am designing the questionnaires that will be used on the norming experiment. I will be doing a test run of this on a couple of graduate students, and after seeing the results on that, I will run it on a large number of undergraduate students.

The Linguistics department should have a subject pool for these purposes, like the Psychology department does. When I was taking a Psych 101 course in undergrad, I had to participate in experiments, so that the psychology students have a subject pool at their disposal. But then, linguistics isn't a totally experimental science. There are sub-fields that do not make use of participants. So I guess I just have to ask the students to participate for extra credit.

As a final thought for the day, it is amazing to see how different people mature, even though they may be the same age as you are. I realized that recently. A person I know who will remain nameless seems to act younger than what that person's age is. Interesting fellow, that person seems to have all the fun of his life. It is interesting interacting with that person, but I cannot imagine myself to be like him and act like him.

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