16 January 2007

Onset and the Stripsearch Age

The Spring semester has started! After a warm month of nothingness, the weather in January has taken a shift and temperatures began to dip as the people flocked to the classrooms again starting today.

Fortunately, as I have said before, I do not have classes every Tuesdays and Thursdays. So today, I went to my office and read some articles and textbooks that I need to read. I saw some friends that I haven’t seen for a while, and it’s nice to see everybody bustling with activity again.

Regarding the weather, it has been magical. Freezing rain which is the result of a correct balance of warm air and cold air resulted in rain that immediately froze upon trickling on trees and other sorts. It felt like walking on the set of The Chronicles of Narnia. I felt like a little child being captivated by the sights, trying to push a branch coated with ice to see whether it would crack or not.

Anyway, with the start of the semester comes the busy days again. I am not teaching this semester (thankfully) so that would free up some time for my research.

Speaking of my research, I may end up flying to Manila this coming summer (after my Ecuador backpacking trip of course) so I sniffed around for some sources of funding. I downloaded a couple of application forms that may enable me to get some help in paying for the airfare to go back to Manila in order for me to conduct a series of experiments to many Tagalog speakers. This would help me in my research on natural language processing and temporal semantics. The only thing I hate about these is the way that these red tape procedures can be so microscopic; they would want to see the receipts of every thing you purchased, and the minutest details of your itinerary, so that they would cover the expenses. If you don't provide a detailed reason why you need the money, they would not give it. Still, you get the impression that they are constantly seeking ways on how your request could be denied. The process reminds me of when I file my income tax returns, something that I need to do in the next couple of months. But then, what can I do?

Anyway, speaking of air travel, I found some comics written in the 1960’s about the security that a passenger has to encounter when in and around airports. It’s a little bit inappropriate for the narrow-minded, so consider yourself warned.

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  1. ...really too funny, this comic!!!!!

    You see in the sixties a MAN still was a looker...


    Anyway I wish you a good start in the new semester.