05 January 2007

Spring Cleaning and Sexiness

I find myself backing-up my old files, cleaning my folders, and discarding the old papers that I don't need for the upcoming semester. I burned my old files to my CD, and emptied my hard drive so that I have a fresh slate for Spring 2007.

I also updated the Faculty Information Sheet that is displayed on my door, reflecting my new office hours.

I also made a master document of all the questions that I used in teaching my class last semester, so in case I teach it again, or if somebody else teaches it, I have something to pass on. Building my palette as they say.

All the while listening to 111 Centoundici by Tiziano Ferro.

Why is it that Italian music is so sexy? I remember my mom saying that she finds Italian music sexy, but she cannot imagine German music to be sexy as well.

I concur.

With all the velar sounds, German is a little bit low on the sexy side. Unless my German readers can recommend a German singer that can sing sensuously.

On the other hand, this CD I am listening to can be the perfect foreplay music.

So before I go, let me share you my second Winter Buffalo Series. This was taken a few months ago, near my house.


  1. buti ka pa lolo at naglilinis na. gusto ko na ring maglinis pero...
    waaaah! ang thesis ko!!!!! (kung thesis nga bang matatawag itong papel na ginagawa ko)

  2. First and foremost, thanks for accepting my invitation!


    I like your winter series! It captures the atmosphere of the dark months very well.
    As I said: You are really talented!

    German music isn't sexy? I never thought of that aspect while hearing songs in radio. For me the karibbean music very is sexy... I like its softness.