15 January 2007

Stimulatory Exercises

Monday, January 15. Martin Luther King Day.

I find myself at my office. With all the power and energy I can ever imagine. Ha! I am so energized I wonder why?

Classes don't begin until tomorrow. But as of now, I have finished reading the Phonology textbook for one of my classes, and I am already thinking of the paper that I will be needing to write in my other class. I also cannot wait to meet with my adviser regarding the preliminary experiment that I will be running here in Buffalo for my qualifying paper on experimental temporal semantics.

Ha! Spring 2007 Semester, bring it on!

There was a faculty meeting last Friday, where all the members of the faculty met and evaluated all the graduate students regarding their progress. Apparently, I am making a name for myself as a student who is always ahead of deadlines. Actually, my adviser is teasing me that whenever I pass something on time then that is already late, at least in my standards.

The trees were so beautiful today, because all the branches were coated in ice. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't take a shot. They looked like icicles, like I am in a fantasyland. They seem like those chocolate-covered apples, so pretty to look at.

The other day, I watched The Black Dahlia and Kinsey. The first movie was ok, it was a film noir, not really my type. But the other movie was so moving. I identified myself with the protagonist, the scientist who wanted to see the truth and break free from social constraints, from social myths and legends that prevent him from discovering the truth. Good thing I am not working on a sensitive topic like sexuality.

Anyway, Spring semester starts tomorrow. Bring it on!

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  1. I would like seeing that icy trees!
    Next time your camera is with you - promised?