19 January 2007

Temperature Adjustment

The temperature here in Buffalo took a dip, starting early this week, as I have been talking about freezing rain and other related weather phenomena.

And besides, every evening seems to be a regular time in which the sky would dump about 3 to 8 inches of fresh snow. Thus, the skiers in the flock cannot even remain sitting down, instead, they have been planning on excursions to the resort areas.

For me, given the fact that I have some travel plans for the summer, I am staying on a low profile with regard to leisure, since my summer would be when I would cash on to my deposits.

So, I and some other people have found ways to stay warm.

Such as watching the Sixth Season of 24. Mind you, I haven't been watching the first 5 seasons, so I am still at awe at how the story writer has been able to craft a storyline that takes place only within 24 hours.

It made me warm last Tuesday night, warm enough to not get any sleep during that night, thinking about the plot, the story, everything, as I lay down in bed tossing left and right. It made me a zombie the next day.

Of course, I was thinking of other stuff as well, like my summer plans, my first day of classes, and other stuff.

Ah, one more thing that is hot, is the following pictures.

This is Kurara Chibana. Miss Japan 2006 and 1st runner-up for Miss Universe 2006. That is her national costume, which won the award for Best National Costume.

Kurara in her gown. I like the dress, very hot indeed.

Finally, what could be hotter than this? Need I say more?


  1. Hubba, hubba. lol You're right, she definitely can warm your evening up. :)