24 January 2007

Vroom Vroom

Ah, the stress levels are kicking in. No, I am not stressed, but the activities around me are starting to go to a more desirable level. This means that there are things happening. Which is a good thing. I really do not like stagnance. That’s why I cannot imagine myself living in a rural county, in which I know everybody, and things are just too flatline-like.

Right now, everything is just perfect. Events are precisely orchestrated at a manageable level. My classes are just fine, and no headaches yet. With my perfect schedule, everything is under my control.

I just got out of a meeting with my adviser. We have discussed some theoretical aspects with regard to my research program, and we also discussed the specifics of the norming experiment that I will run with the English speakers here. So with that, I am creating the stimuli in the next few days.

Wow, I am excited. (How geekish…) I am actually excited at running this norming experiment here, for which I will use the results of this one for my main experiment that I will conduct in Manila in a few months time.

Being an experimental temporal semanticist is a blast.

Some time ago, I never realized what being a linguist really entails. I signed up for the major in undergrad without having a clue of what it meant. Well, not exactly like that. I spoke three languages by then, and since I wasn’t able to get into Music, I figured I just study the scientific study of languages. Now, I am running experimental stuff, while a friend of mine is flying to Douala, Cameroon in March, as an assistant to one of the professors here in fieldwork.

With this entry, I am starting my South Campus Series. As you may know, University at Buffalo is composed of two campuses, the North and the South Campus. The North Campus is larger, and is located in Amherst, NY. The South Campus on the other hand is in Buffalo, NY, and is the older of the two. Thus, there are more older buildings, and during the warm week of Christmas and New Year last month, I went for a stroll and took my camera with me.

The first picture here is the panorama that one can observe when one is standing at the ramp. The street is Main Street (every town in the US seems to have a Main Street, and this is Buffalo’s). There is the presbyterian church, and notice the trees whose branches are broken due to the storm that happened a couple of months ago.


  1. Even the picture you took looks just perfect. lol

    Reading what you wrote makes me miss being in school. Makes me wish I can go back, but I've got a feeling the pace would be too slow for me already, and I might feel really bored.

  2. It's great that you start posting photos of the campus!
    It's interesting seeing the surrounding in which you live in Buffalo.
    Which "experimental stuff" are you doing?

  3. Prab,

    Actually, if I have a choice, I'd rather not go to school and sit in a lecture. I'd rather engage in scientific research. But if I want to be what I want to be, then I have to suck it up. At least, I am enjoying it.


    Yes, this is actually a set of photos I shot last month, when the weather was exceptionally balmy.

    Regarding the "experimental stuff", this refers to my research. Not a lot of linguists use experimental methods to analyze language. Ever heard of the term "armchair linguistics"?