15 February 2007


Metaphorically speaking, human beings have a way of describing abstract things with colors. Or even things that do not actually have that color are said to have that color. But it seems that colors play a big part in my current post, and most are not metaphorical colors.

White. The snow squalls that have been continuously forming in the Northeastern United States have been dumping us with snow for the past week now. There are mountains and mountains of snow on my street, and it is so tempting to go skiing. I together with some friends are actually planning to go skiing sometime this month or possibly next month, but I don't have definite plans yet.

Blue. I wonder if Niagara Falls is still flowing with blue water, or if it has frozen to a trickle this time. We are planning to visit the falls this coming weekend, in time for a visit of a friend who graduated last year. So that may be on my itinerary.

Red. My hands are dry, and I cannot keep up with the lotion, due to the fact that the cold is drying it up. That is why sometimes the skin cracks and it bleeds. It hurts sometimes, but the only solution is to apply moisturizing lotion. I guess I am no chemist, I don't know what it is in the cold that makes the hands dry.

Yellow. I am inquiring with the university's clinic on how to get a yellow fever vaccine. This is because I am flying down to Ecuador this May, and it is a yellow fever country. I do not need a proof that I am vaccinated to enter the country, but other countries (like my own) may not let me in if they found out that I came from a yellow fever country. I also thought that the vaccine is valid for ten years, so it has a better pay-off; I would not worry about it for the next ten years. A colleague of mine is flying to Cameroon together with a faculty for fieldwork, and they are processing the papers, including the vaccination. So I'll ask them how it goes before I schedule myself.

Brown. Coffee is a solution to frustrating student relationships. Today, I got upset over a student, who somehow was able to cheat himself over a point. Basically, I think he fixed his answer on a quiz after I handed his paper back, but I cannot prove it. So yeah I gave him the extra point. But let me tell him, I am closely watching his back this time. Oh yeah.

So those are the colors that are relevant. I guess it shows that the lack of frequent posts in this blog signifies that I am busy at the moment. Yeah, schoolwork is catching up on me. So before I go, here is another picture from my South Campus Series. This is one of the oldest buildings in South Campus. This was built in 1930, and the columns are actually wood; I knocked on them, and they were hollow.


  1. Kuya, di sapat yung moisturising lotion. Hanapin mo yung Intensive care Lotion, Intensive Body milk or Body butter sa Body Shop otherwise kawawa yang kamay mo. Bigyan mo nga ako ng complete itenirary mo for Ecuador. mamaya may mangyari sa yo di ko alam kung saan kita hahanapin.

  2. 1. Please take many photos of the Niagara Falls - I love seeing them.
    2. I don't envy you for the snow. In Germany it gets warmer again - in the next days we will have 15°C and that's great cause it's Carneval.
    3. Dry hands? You need a special lotion. In a drugstore they should give you something adequate - perhaps something with olive oil?
    4. Yellow fever vaccine - that's a good idea. I would do the same.

    Thanks for your nice comment!!!
    I was glad discovering it this morning.