03 February 2007


It is indeed true that it is hard to serve two masters. This is true even in the academe.

Before I came here to Buffalo, I wanted to work with a certain faculty due to his specializations. When I arrived, he wasn't here. So I started to work with another faculty because I am also interested in his specializations. After all, it has also been a practical move for me because as far as I know, not a lot of people work in this sub-field back in the Philippines, so I'll be working on virgin territory in a way.

Now, the original faculty member is back. I am not working with him, although I am taking a class with him. Then, one time, when I am in his office, he mentioned that I may be able to go to Germany to work with him when I finish my four years here in Buffalo (because he is moving to Germany this Spring).

I never stated in the first place that I want to write a dissertation under him. Not that I do not want to, it just hasn't been planned yet, in my timetable. But come to think of it, it may be a good option. I may apply for the DAAD Scholarships and get to live in Germany for a year sometime in 2009.

I am not saying that these two faculty are pulling me in different directions. It's just that there should be a balance. After all, the more broad the area I am working in, the better. I will thus be more marketable later on.

On a different note, I received an informal invitation to go somewhere which is 6426 miles away from here. I still cannot say it yet as to where this is, but this will be on Summer of 2008. It is still very far away, so I am not getting my hopes high yet. But this will be a very eye-opening cultural experience for me.

Finally, one of my photos for South Campus Series again. The campus is ridden with signs. This is one of them. This is the pick-up point for a van that runs every evening to drop off female students so that they wouldn't be raped at night.


  1. at least this early, you have these things to think about summer na. good life!

  2. The options are really great. I just hope that whatever decision you would finally choose, it will not jeopardize any previous plans you've already brewed.

    The sign is quite funny hehe…unusual!

    Wala kasi dito sa pinas eh :-)

  3. daily we encounter options or choices, big and small, life is what we make out of options.

    as to the sign, a similar one should be posted in all corners of manila!

  4. Decisions, decisions. Both look really enticing, too. What're your considerations in choosing?

    As for the sign, it's weird. Yun lang. But at least they school's looking after the welfare of their female students.

  5. Interesting sign and interesting way taking care of female students!

    I guess the options you have need a longer time for thinking about them.
    In any case it would be nice if you would come to Germany 2009!