10 February 2007

No Sweat?

Wanna hear something interesting? Apparently, for women, nothing's like the smell of men's sweat. According to this study, there is a chemical in male sweat that makes a female hormone increase in the female body, together with heightened sexual arousal and a faster heart rate.

So I guess the key to getting women aroused is simply to sweat it out!

Oh well, I've been sweating it out in a metaphysical manner this time around. I am finding my hands full with committees and experiments.

I've ran into one potential slow-down in my research. Apparently, I have to gain approval from the Social and Behavioral Sciences Board before I can run my experiment. I have to ensure that my human subjects are protected. I am not against it, it is just that I forgot to factor that in the equation. As a linguist, we all deal with human subjects. Language is simply something that only humans possess. So I have to do the relevant paperwork for that.

On another corner, I am doing some paperwork for the upcoming conference that we (yes, we the graduate students of this department) are planning to hold. So I'll be in front of the computer for a while with regard to that. That translates to some office work.

Anyway, before I go, this is another one of those signs in the campus that one can find. So, for the next picture of my South Campus Series, I give you all this one.

1 comment:

  1. There are really funny signs on your campus!

    And the men's sweat...?
    I think the study is right.