20 February 2007

On The Move

I woke up today to a very interesting day. It was mild, the temperature in the mid-thirties, and the snow was melting.

I woke up to the sound of dripping water, flowing to the drains, and the snow slowly thinning and melting away.

I walked in slush, instead of the mounds of white hardened ice.

And this afternoon, I looked out my window, and wow, it was raining.

Spring is here!

It is time for me to be on the move again.

Speaking of moving and travel, I already booked my tickets for my summer travels. So that means:

I'll be in Manila this June!

Well, of course, I will be in Quito, Ecuador, before that. Unfortunately, the Amazing Race teams got there before me. I thought I'll be going to a place that they haven't been before, but oh well...

So, May 16 I'll be found riding one of these.

This American Airlines Embraer Jet will take me from Buffalo to Chicago. And then I'll be riding in one of these.

This American Airlines Boeing 777 on the other hand ferries me from Chicago to Miami. Finally, I'll be sitting in one of these.

This American Airlines Boeing 757 will be the one that will take me to Quito, and there I will be for a week of exploring, mountain-climbing, straddling the earth's hemispheres, and sampling the world's authentic ceviche!

So there is my airline accomodations for my backpacking trip. Just reverse the order and you'll get the inbound planes.

I will be in Quito until May 23. A few days later, on May 28, I will be heading to Manila. This is in order to implement my experimental research. I've already notified my former department, and some people there want me to do a guest lecture. So I guess I have to concoct some talk for that. So, this United Airlines Boeing 737 will take me to Chicago (again, but on a different terminal this time) for my trans-Pacific flight.

This United Airlines Boeing 777 on the other hand will then take me from Chicago to Tokyo. When I get to Tokyo, I will have to connect to a different airline, so I will be changing terminals, riding the Narita Airport Shuttle. I may be able to see the famous Japanese running girls in high heels again!

Finally, this Japan Airlines Boeing 747 will take me to my final destination. 4 hours of sitting in a plane full of sarari-men and overseas Filipino workers will be an interesting ride. I do not intend to stereotype, but usually, one can tell where a specific flight is going to when one looks at the passengers. That's just plain statistics.

Oh well, I guess I finally outed myself as an airline and air travel fanatic; for me, the travel itself is exciting, it is not a means to an end. Interesting no?


  1. uwi ka pala? excited? hehe. jet setter na jetsetter tayo ahh... ako rin ayoko sumakay ng airplane sakit sa tenga. wehehe

  2. Bon voyage!
    It sounds like an exciting trip!
    Too bad I will not be able to meet you in Manila since I take my vacations in June and July ! :-(

  3. oh boy, that excitement just shows with you putting in detail your whole flight itinerary.