01 February 2007


I snapped yesterday. I just couldn't take it.

Let me rewind to Tuesday afternoon.

I found a CD lying inside my mailbox in the lounge. No note accompanying it, just a CD. So, I thought, who would leave me a CD? I never asked for it in the first place, so I assumed that somebody mistakenly put it in my mailbox. Nevertheless, I took the CD and left it in my office, thinking of how I will notify the person who mistakenly put it in my mailbox that I have the misplaced item.

Wednesday (yesterday) morning.

A guy (who will remain nameless) came up to me at around 9:00, just when I arrived, and asked if I got the chance to listen to that CD he lent me. So, it was you who put that CD in my mailbox? Well, actually, no, because I thought that the CD wasn't for me and it was just in my mailbox by mistake. Ok, I'll take a look at it later.


I had a class for one hour. This guy is in the same class.


So, have you listened to it? No, not yet, I still haven't gotten the time to listen to it yet. By the way, check out this artist, the CD only has 5 tracks, so the pieces are very long, but they are very cool. Ok, I'll listen to it later.


I had lunch.


I went to my teaching assistant class. This lasts for an hour.


After coming back, I recorded the attendance.


So, have you got the chance to listen to the CD? No, not yet, still haven't gotten the time. You should listen to the third track, it is very good. Ok, I will.


I bump into my friend, and we talk about her problems and about my pet peeves. We talk in the corridor, while slowly gyrating our bodies towards her office in the end of the corridor. She is sharing her office with another girl and a tall guy.


I am about to get out of my friend's office, when I see the original guy walking towards me. Scared out of my wits, I jump inside my friend's office and shut the door. I tell my friend, the girl, and the tall guy, that someone is bugging me and I need to spend 15 minutes here.


I check the corridor and the coast is clear. I go to my office, but I forget to shut the door. Then, all of a sudden,

"Have you listened to that CD yet?"

"No. I still haven't."

"You should listen to it, it is very good."

"Ok, I will."

After ending the fourth encounter I punched in the number of the office of my friend, wanting to tell her what just happened. Instead, the tall guy picked up.

"Hey, is my friend there?"

"No, she just walked out."


I then hung up.

For crying out loud, why can't some people sense that other people don't want to be bothered for the time being! Of course, I didn't shout at the original guy who was bugging me, I didn't tell him that I have more important things to do (which is the truth, actually) because I do not want to hurt him. I am amazed at his enthusiasm at sharing something he thinks is exciting. But it simply is the wrong timing.

I ended up shouting to someone else over the phone.

2 minutes later, my friend comes knocking at my door, laughing. She said that she saw from a distance the original guy coming into my office, and so she knows what happened. She also heard from the other girl and the tall guy (the two people sharing her office) that I screamed over the phone, "like a girl" according to the other girl.

Why is it that some people can be so obtuse?

Anyway, this is another of my South Campus Series. This is I believe the School of Dentistry. One of the newest buildings in South Campus, this was finished in 1986.


  1. Now that you have shouted and let your "anger" out, start playing the cd. :)

  2. @Niko

    OMG! You're the one bugging LIW? ROFLMAO. You can be a bit mean, sometimes. :D


    Some people are really dense. They can't take a hint even if it was like a snake sitting in front of their face, waiting to strike.

    At least you let your anger out, right? :)

  3. Abaniko,

    Actually, I did listen to it by now. I didn't like it. :)


    That is true. But then, what can I do about it? People come in different shades and colors.

  4. Be grateful for that person, LIW!
    He let you loose your temper and I think you needed that...?


    Do you agree that you always seem "under - full - control"?
    Let me tell you that makes anyhow sick in the course of time.

    But of course it would have been much more better if a very pretty girl would have offered you the CD:
    Then you would have apologized after your shouting for loosing your temper and afterwards you would have fallen in love with her...?!

    Sorry, my imagination is too strong again right now - as so often!
    Be not angry with me.

  5. Susanne,

    Hmm. Hypothetically, probably not. Obtuseness isn't really a sexy trait in my book. I like someone that is intellectually challenging, independent, and mysterious, not someone that is well, pushy.