25 March 2007

Bad Vibe

I think I have a cold.

Two days ago, I woke up with a sore throat. Uh-oh. Not now. I don't need a sore throat right now. And I perfectly know where this will lead, to a cold. And I think I know who I got it from.

Last week, some person from the department had a cold, he was sick throughout Spring Break. Now, I think I got it from him because I was talking to him a few days after Spring Break.

But this is no place to blame another person for one's ailments. So now I am pumping myself with Vitamin C and some cold medicine. Hopefully, this will be out in a few more days.

Anyway, I finished reading the last novel I was reading, it was Hari Kunzru's Transmission. I had a blast reading that one. It was about a naive Indian who moved to the United States on a slave visa. He then works for an IT company, but he loses his job after a few months. In a stroke of desperation, he releases a virus on cyberspace, hoping that he would show his boss the solution and he would be viewed as a hero. Thus, he would get his job back.

But then, things didn't go as how he planned it. And this is where the fun starts. I definitely recommend it to you.

Now, I picked something that is non-fiction. I picked The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan. It is about the author's ten years in the North Korean gulag. It is very captivating, I must say.

On a different note, I finished my itinerary for Quito. I sent it to my folks and family who wanted a copy of it. So everything should be on schedule, and that would allow me to maximize my week-long stay in the country.

A friend called me just minutes ago. She just arrived in the USA from Cameroon. After two weeks of fieldwork, she seemed vibrant over the phone. I am looking forward to seeing her here again.

I better rest now. My head is stuffed, and my nose is running.

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  1. I think you got your cold from me. :) What is a slave visa? Transmission looks interesting but I really want to read that Pyongyang book.

    Get well soon LIW! When are you going to Quito? How exciting!