10 March 2007


Ha! 41 degrees Fahrenheit! I cannot believe it! It is the first time I did not need to wear my boots again, after wearing them for the past months. I am happy. I love hearing the sound of the melting snow flowing along the streets and into the drains.

My Dad arrived in Manila a few hours ago. I have been tracking his flight online, and it seemed that things went on schedule. I am such a geek at being an aviation fanatic. I've been telling my friends and family that if ever my linguistics career doesn't work out, I'll find myself a job as a travel agent. Hehe.

There is not a lot of new stuff around, but the place seems deserted. A week of inactivity faces the campus. I've seen quite some buses, long-distance ones, being packed with bags of students, waiting at the Student Union yesterday. Those buses are supposedly headed to New York City, where the students like to visit during Spring Break.

Well, for me, I'll be staying here. Like I said at my post yesterday, I have tons of things to do. Although, I have to say, I am thinking of going somewhere for next year's Spring Break. Now that I have someone I know in New York City (an old friend of mine) or even in Washington D.C. (a classmate of mine). But then, that's one year from now, I'll put that in my sub-conscious at the moment.

So, permit me to end my post a little bit short, but before I go, here is a new photo series, I call it my Lackawanna Basilica Series. A few months ago in January, in the middle of winter, me and a few of my friends drove down to the Town of Lackawanna, which is about 20 minutes south of Buffalo by car. There is a church called the Our Lady of Victory Basilica, and I took shots of those. Let me start by showing you the amazing ceiling.

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  1. Wow, a fantastic, beautiful new layout and an excellent, noble photo of the Basilica!

    You are getting better and better with your photos. I really enjoy keeping coming back to your site and discovering new photos every time.

    And spring is in the air in Buffalo too? Congratulations! That means new vibrations all over...