06 March 2007

The Downslope

Last week was terrible. There were guests in the department for the open house weekend, and we had to entertain them. We had to be our best. And so that took up time. Now, that is over, and so we can all breathe now. There are plenty of reasons for being able to breathe I guess.

Let me just say that the storm has passed.

And I cannot wait for Spring Break. A time to unwind. A time to relax. A time to meditate.

I just cannot believe that there has been a lot of dramatology in my world right now, I never expected it, really.

I am counting down the days that would lead to the summer. Ten more weeks till my trips! I am so itching to leave.

Anyway, I finished my novel about a prisoner and his sexual experiences. So this time I picked up a Jamaican novel, hopefully this will be a good one.

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