09 March 2007


I think that I have been orchestrating my events in a rather good way. Things are falling in to their places, and there are no delays, meltdowns, whatsoever.

Tomorrow will be the last day of which we have classes before we get a week-long Spring Break. Which is more like Spring Catch-Up for others.

Tomorrow, I will proctor a test for my students. I don't like that class personally, sometimes, it feels like the students are sucking the life out of me. True, there are bright students in the class, but sometimes, the others are so bad that it makes me feel like "I am losing hope in the future of humanity," as a fellow graduate student and teaching assistant put it. Really, I dread the days when I grade quizzes and homeworks, sometimes, they don't look like homeworks at all, but rather, chicken scratch.

Really, some students just do not know how to write! The debris that they leave on their papers are unfathomable. Of course, that doesn't mention that some do not even know the difference between nouns and verbs and adjectives. I wonder what is left inside their craniums.

I came to realize how I treat people whether they are students or not, whenever they ask me questions. I seem to have an aura that people have a hard time asking me questions. That is, I do not give the answer whenever someone asks me a question. Instead, I clarify the problem and let them figure out the answer by themselves. If a man is hungry, instead of just throwing him some fish, why not teach him how to fish? Oh well, perhaps this attitude will earn me an Excellence in Teaching Award someday.

I am the person that will present in the lab tomorrow. I will be reading a paper by a scholar who works in the area that I am working at, and I will lead the discussion tomorrow after I give the quiz. Being under my adviser is tough, because he closely watches his students, but then, that is good, he treats us like racecars, changing tyres, oil, lube, and so on. No time to stray away.

I better do my taxes next week. I have until April 15 to do it, but then, since I will have a week of no classes, I'd rather sit on it and do it while I have the time.

I have sent my human subjects review a few days ago, and the reviewers have been giving me comments from time to time. I hope that in the next few days, they finally give me approval to run this experiment. So that I can have a basis of my argument. I need about 40 to 60 people for the norming experiment. I have already finished the Informed Consent document that they will sign in case they opt to participate. Hopefully, the reviewers will be satisfied this time.

Familiarity breeds contempt. It is the case that one of my colleagues seem stranger by the minute. I guess I just didn't know him well enough last semester that he is a novelty to me. But now, sometimes he is irritating.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes before Spring Break. I already overheard some people flying to Acapulco, Mexico, and other warmer places this week. Tomorrow is the day which is notoriously low attendance in classes. Well, even in some of my classes, there are people who are giving their homeworks earlier, because they won't be in tomorrow. Oh well.

Finally, this is another picture in my South Campus Series. This is Abbott Hall, home of the Health Sciences Library. This used to be Lockwood Memorial Library, and there is actually a brick that is engraved with the name of the building as Lockwood, but when they built the younger North Campus, they shifted the Lockwood Memorial Library there and used this building as the Health Science Library, after renaming it.

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