09 March 2007


I've changed a little stuff here. Obviously, I made the colors a little bit lighter, actually, way lighter, than the previous set-up. Well, it coincides with the change of the weather here, now that the skies are opening up, showing the sun, and the cold weather finally passes.

I've shifted from the Old Blogger to the new Blogger a few months now, but my template until last night was still the Old Blogger-compatible one. Now, I moved to the new Blogger and updated my template. Good thing I found a template that is new Blogger-compatible that I like.

So how do you like the new look? It looks clean, looks Asian, looks Minimalist. But then, Minimalist, at least, in my department, is a little bit on the pejorative side. Hehe, I guess that is a private joke.

So, my Friday is about to end. I have a Spring Break plan set-up. I need to catch up on my sleep. So I have one week where I do not need to set my alarm clock! Good job! I also need to catch up on my ironing. It's slowly piling up, so I need to work on that. Also, as mentioned previously, I need to do my tax returns. That is a pain, I just hate dealing with microscopic stuff like that, but then, why should I complain, I get my money back.

I have a couple of episodes of 24 that is lying in my computer. I have to watch them pretty soon so I get updated with Jack Bauer.

I have to start writing my RRG paper. I am writing about cross-linguistic mismatches in the semantics-to-syntax linking of unspecified arguments.

So, there goes my Friday. I called my friend a few hours ago, telling her to have a safe flight to Africa. She is currently (as of 4:30 PM EST) in Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, waiting for her flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport enroute to Cameroon. Isn't that exciting? She will be there for two weeks for fieldwork.

Speaking of traveling, I have to get myself a plain backpack for my day trips. It is indeed very strange that I do not have a backpack right now, I am using a weird bag courtesy of the Academia Sinica in Taipei as my school bag. But then, I figured that I need to buy one for my Ecuador trip. Not the backpackers big backpack, because I already have the bags for my stuff, but only a bag that would suffice for my day trips while I am there.

Aside from that, I also need to buy a 1 GB memory stick for my digital camera, given the fact that I will have no time to upload my pictures from my camera to my computer for one week, and the largest memory stick I have right now is a 512 MB which can contain just around 500 pictures. And I take shots big time.

I also need to buy travel insurance. Just to be sure. It just costs around 20 bucks and that would cover every medical need that may be burdened upon me while I am up there in the Andean mountains.

So anyway, that is how I will conclude this week. So before I go, here is another picture from my South Campus Series. This is the entrance to the School of Dentistry. This building was built in 1986, and the design is significantly different from the other buildings in the area. Rather modern for its time.

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  1. Very modern for 1986!

    It seems that life is going well for you...?