15 March 2007

Seleccionar al Azar

Nothing really special occurred today. So I guess today’s post will be a random collection of thoughts that have accumulated during the week.

Speaking of randomness, let me start first about my cooking experience last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday, I intended to make chicken curry with dried apricots. The dish needed some Thai Curry Paste (which I know I have some remaining in my fridge in a bottle), some coconut milk (of which I bought two cans), dried apricots, and mango chutney (of which I still have some in my fridge). So I bought everything else needed, like onions, ginger, and the like.

So there I was, I chopped the onions and minced the ginger, and they were both sizzling in my pot already, when I took out the curry paste, and dug in 1 tbsp when I discovered that peculiar blue thing inside. Hmmm. Outside, it was still ok, it looked a perfectly bright orange, which was the original color of the curry paste. But when I stirred it, I found out that there was mold inside! Oh no! What should I do? The onions and the ginger were already sizzling in my pot. So I turned off the pot for a minute. I thought, should I run to the store and get a brand new bottle of curry paste? That would take me a good 20 minutes. I thought it was not worth it. But then I don’t want the other ingredients to spoil either.

So I opened my cupboard and looked at my spices. So, instead of the curry paste, I put a teaspoonful of cumin, turmeric, paprika, coriander, pepper, and salt. And the rest, I prepared as directed. Of course, I removed the apricot because the Thai curry paste was perfect for it, and the Indian spices that I have apparently do not match the fruit. Instead, I have the dried apricots as a snack.

So there, it worked out. I made Emergency Chicken Curry. But still, I wonder why my curry paste developed mold, when it is still in the safe period, I just bought it two months ago, and the expiration date hasn’t passed yet.

Another random thought: I got some curious thing in the mail today. Actually, I got an advertisement from a publishing company for one of their books. They know my name, and my department. Yes, it was sent through the department, not to my house.

So the question is: Why did they send me an advertisement for one of their textbooks? Then I realized that I taught a class last semester, and I am teaching another class this summer, and so these publishing companies must be searching the websites of the universities and checking out who are teaching classes. Because the book is a textbook, a textbook on Introduction to Linguistics. So they send instructors advertisements of books so that we instructors will then use these books and require our students to buy them. I guess that’s just how the publishing business works. So I guess my name is now on the database of Cambridge University Press.

I’ve been evaluating grant proposals today. As it turns out, I am a member of a Research Fund Council, and so I am one of those people who decides who gets money and who doesn’t. I cannot talk about the proposals, but I should say that it is interesting to see the different projects that academics are doing out there, specially those outside of my field. Very interesting.

Finally, here is one of my photos for the Lackawanna Basilica Series. Again, one of the stations inside.

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  1. Jeruen,

    first and foremost:
    Your photo is great! It looks a bit mystical, I think because of the slight blue light.
    Really very interesting...

    And the story of the Emergency Chicken Curry is interesting too. Never eat something where mold is inside - it seems that you know this.
    Sometimes vegetables like onions or pepper look o.k. outside but then one discovers a little spot of mold inside: Chuck it away!