21 April 2007

50 Years Changes Your Cognition

Ok, so it is Friday. It is also 420 Day. I haven't known the meaning of this until recently, and boy they make it a big deal here. I heard it on the radio in the bus, and in class, when the attendance was surprisingly low for the first few minutes, and I said, "Where is everybody?" And somebody replied, "Well, it's 420 Day."

Anyway, one of my classes are ending. Our last meeting will be this Monday. So after that, all I need to do for that is the final paper. I already have a topic and hopefully it will go well. Unfortunately, I cannot "pull a LIW" this time.

What exactly does the phrase "pull a LIW" mean?

Well, last year, I became infamous for submitting everything ten days before they were due. So everybody got rattled whenever I did that. LIW is already done with his stuff, oh no! So now, if I pass something on time, that is already late for my standards. And it has started to get back on me, because some people, especially my adviser, is picking on me about that. Anyway, that is what it means to "pull a LIW".

I also finished processing my data from my norming experiment. And it seems that I have what I need for the real experiment this June.

One interesting thing caught my attention in the data.

I had data like the following:

1) John exposed the President. The government assassinated John.
2) John married Susan. Susan had a baby.
10) The government assassinated John. John exposed the President.
11) Susan had a baby. John married Susan.

Their task was to tell me how likely it is for the first sentence to happen before the second sentence, or, how likely it is for the second sentence to happen before the first sentence. There are four sets, and I had flip versions of the different items.

So for an item that has a high probability of being ordered, like 1), it is always unidirectional. But for this marriage and having a baby, it is always either-or. And I guess that if I did this task before the sexual revolution, then I would also get a unidirectional result.

Interesting eh?

So, here is another picture from Niagara Falls in the Winter Series. Enjoy.


  1. Hi LIW! Hey, just want to tell you that I couldn't comment in your blog for several days now. My browser kept on hanging whenever I went to your blog.

    Anyway, my golly... I've never met anyone who submitted stuff ten days before they were due. :) That's a really great trait.

    So, I don't get it. What's 420 Day? :)

    I love that pic! Nature is amazing! :)

  2. All righty.



    The last one was what I was trying to explain in class. I've known many a stoner to wake'n'bake, but most of the after school special smokers are actually pretty quiet about their habits and were most likely in class on 4/20. TBH, I grew up in a very pot-centric environment and didn't even hear of 4/20 as a pot smoker's holiday until a few years ago. So I blame it on kids these days and their tendency to blow everything out of proportion b/c they don't understand the difference between having a good time with style and just blowing things to shit b/c they're inexperienced and therefore classless.


  3. Wow! Excellent photo! I love how thwe water is rushing down...