31 May 2007


Okay. I'm here in Manila.

Been here already for 3 days.

And the internet connection at my sister's house sucks.

Big time.

I can open some websites, but I cannot open others!

I can open Yahoo, Google, Airliners.net, and others.

But the ones that I need, such as my university's Webmail, my university portal (where I can manage my class roster), and other important official communication sites, cannot be opened!

And the staggering thing is, if I ask friends who are online to open the site for me, they can!

It's just this connection that is acting strange!

I cannot even open my own blog!

I can post, but I cannot open the blog itself!

I am so so so so frustrated.

1 comment:

  1. It's along time since I commented the last time - it seems that I was so absent-minded for some weeks because of that dental affair...
    Well, now I am back.


    And you've been in Quito and now you are in Manila.
    Hopefully your frustration won't munch you!!!