12 May 2007

Hats Off to the Graduates

Yesterday was the day when the Commencement Exercises for the Graduate Students were held. Thus, from 1:00 to 3:00, they were in the Center for the Arts, listening to the ceremony. After that, there was a small reception in the department. And a few of my friends graduated.

This is Amanda. She came in the same year as I did. She graduated with a master's degree in Linguistics. We shared some classes together, such as Syntax, Historical Linguistics, and Role and Reference Grammar. So after two years, she graduated from the university.

This is Shane. I think that he initially came to do a PhD in Linguistics but changed track into the master's. I didn't come here the same time as he did, but we had some good times together. I sometimes caught him in the Computational Linguistics Lab, or sometimes, in his other office in the Commons. He is the tallest member of the department, exceeding Dr. Zubin. We shared some meals together, together with his neighbor and fellow student Rob. This is a picture of Shane with his son, Samuel.

Finally, this is Vitaly. He plays the piano well, and he sometimes invites me to his practice sessions in Baird. He is also talented in photography, and always supplies me with his blurred black-and-white emotional photography. He came the same time as I did, and he actually was the first student that I talked to when I arrived. We attended orientation sessions together. And he even let me crash in his place one night, when it was necessary. He also listened well, when I had complaints and headaches, rants and raves.

So there you go, the semester is off to a closure. A chapter of these people's lives have been written and closed, and a new one is waiting to be opened.

To the graduates, hats off to you.

As for me, I am still here. I still have 10 classes (30 credits) remaining for my required coursework. This means I will still be here for at least 2 more years. I also have to finish my QP and my dissertation. My qualifying paper is the research that I am doing right now, but it seems that it is getting bigger (the topic, I mean) with every time I meet with my adviser (the person in the grey shirt behind Amanda). So that means that I already may have a dissertation topic as well. Of course, my adviser is telling me that what I am doing right now is more than what is required for the QP. So we will limit the coverage of the QP, but still continue the research, which logically will be for the dissertation.

Of course, I have the photo series as well. This is still in the Old Fort Niagara Series. This is the first entrance. The gates are actually controlled by a weird system of big rocks and pulleys. I'll show you these pictures later.


  1. Your photos are so lively! Great!!!

    And I have to say that I liked very much visiting your blog in the last year because of your surprising photos. Your talent always is amazing me.
    I like too the combination of verbal and visual information. I think I should do that sometimes too.

    Have a nice weekend...

  2. Very nice series of pictures LIW! Hey, so it's graduation time at your school. Lapit ka na rin. And it's good your exams are over. So you're really ready for your vacation now.

    Hey, I'm able to read your blog now. A few days ago, your blog froze my browser. :)

  3. oi naalala ko tuloy ang graduation dito sa pinas. do you still remember the usual music. yung bang tantan ... tarararantantan.... tarararantaran ... tarararan ..... ganug yun dba?

  4. Susanne,

    Thanks! I am glad you like my photos. I never consider myself having photographic talent. Actually, I just snap what I think looks good.


    Naku po. Bakit ba laging nagkakaproblema sa iyo ang blog ko? Baka hindi compatible ang browser mo? Anyway, yes, my exams and other responsibilities for this semester is over. I am so ready for my vacation. Thanks for the photo compliments.


    Yup. I remember the music in graduation. Actually, iba ang ginagamit na music sa Pilipinas at sa US. Sa Pilipinas, karaniwang ginagamit ang Victory March ni Giuseppe Verdi, from his Opera "Aida". But here in the US, usually it is "Pomp and Circumstance #1" by Elgar.