14 May 2007

Two More Bedtimes

I remember once when we were little, that when there is a huge thing that is going to happen and everyone is excited about it, that we count the days by means of how many more bedtimes do we have to undergo before that event happens. And since I have an impending trip-slash-vacation to take, I am counting it.

Two more bedtimes.

But, as a matter of fact, I don't think I am excited the way I was excited when I was a child. I am not saying that I do not want to proceed with this trip, I am so looking forward to this actually. But, what I am saying is that the childhood oogle-eyed I-am-so-excited-I-can't-stand-still feeling is not apparent.

Maybe because I am just old. Older than before. Or maybe I am so used to traveling that riding a plane isn't a big thing like it was before.

Or maybe I manifest my excitement in other ways now.

Like for example taking a picture of my luggage?

As you can see, I pack light. Relatively light. I only have a backpack, regular-sized, not the heavy-duty backpack with internal frame and all. I also have that small flight-attendant type suitcase. That means I do not need to check my luggage in. I only have one carry-on and one personal item. Streamlined process, aye?

You can also see my travel book. I bought a Lonely Planet Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for this trip, and I used it to plan my whole itinerary. I have my week-long itinerary typed up, as you can see the white sheets of paper there. My family is furnished with a copy, and there are contact numbers and addresses of the places that I will go, so in case they want to plot it in GPS, then they will know where I will be.

I also am bringing one book for in-flight entertainment.

I have picked this book, entitled The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, from the bookstore a couple of weeks ago. I guess this will be the first time I am reading a classic novel in a few years. I think the last classic novel I read was Ulysses back in 2003. But then one's definition of "classic novel" can be blurry, so one can include Naked Lunch in the category or not. In that case, it would be 2005.

On a separate note, I went to the doctor today. I had this weird infection in my right ring finger's nail. I self-diagnosed myself, and I think I had paronychia. And it turned out that I was right. It doesn't seem to be death-dealing, but it hurts a bit when it is rubbed or when I wash my hands. So I got myself a prescription for some antibiotics so hopefully the infection will subside.

I also met with my adviser earlier today. Again, we are continuing on designing the experiments that I will be running in Manila. And as I anticipated, I will be meeting with him again on the Friday after I come back from Quito, which is two days after I land. That is the only window in which I can meet him before I fly to Manila. Talk about streamlining again. It seems that there is no leeway for mistakes. Just like Jack Bauer.

So, before I go, here is another of my Old Fort Niagara Series. This is a series of depressions on the walls, so that one can mount cannons for attack. Enjoy.


  1. LIW,

    Pasama naman oh! Hehehe! ayos siguro no pag may oras tayo in the future and we could actually navigate the globe. Two single studs (ehem) conquering countries one at a time. :-)

  2. oi ingat sa byahe ...... pasalubong... wehehe

  3. jef,

    Hehehe. That is a nice idea. Maybe sometime in the future we could do that.


    Hehe. Salamat. I'll be back in a week.