10 May 2007



I have everything finished by now. All of my grading is over. All I need is to plug in the grades in my Excel sheet and the program will compute the grades for me. Then, all I need is to give the students a letter grade and then forward the sheet to the professor. She will then submit the grades online.

Like I said, my exam and paper was finished a couple of days ago. I only have my experiment design to worry about. I am meeting with my adviser again tomorrow at 9:00, and most probably we will meet again Monday, and also Friday after I come back from Quito. Talk about enthusiasm from the part of the adviser. But then, I guess that works for me. I keep myself on track.

I have sent a reconfirmation letter to my hotel in Quito, and they replied back. So that is settled. And I also settled everything that needs to be turned on with regard to my new apartment, so there's no worries now. Everything is in place and running as expected.

And it is indeed amazing how my schedule is up to the dot, so to speak. I am leaving on May 16 for vacation, but the fact is, May 14 I am anticipating a meeting with my adviser. And May 15 I will be having an appointment with another student for his project, so we will be going to the lab and recording some stuff. Wow. Life is non-stop. I guess that is what makes it exciting.

Hey, listen to this video I found on the web. Some amazing guitarist plays Paganini on the guitar. Amazing eh?

The other day, I had a blast from the past. A girl I knew from a long time ago called me on my cell. It was totally unexpected, but we chatted for about an hour, I cannot believe it myself. We were laughing about things that happened years ago. Wow.

Because of that I decided to open my address book, and found a name of a friend of mine that somehow I lost touch with. When I saw his name, I called his number, hoping that it was still working. And indeed, it was still working! And the time zone worked out, since they were 14 hours ahead of me. And good thing that he was at home. We caught up on some stuff, and talked for a good few minutes as well.

So there, I had a couple of blasts from the past recently. Those were the good times.

So, here is my next installment on Old Fort Niagara Series. This is the pathway to the modern entrance of the fort.

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  1. This series is interesting. And I liked the music too!