28 June 2007


I just noticed something. I looked at my counter, and voila! I had been visited more than 10,000 times! Wow! I didn't realize that it takes two years to get that figure. Well, I guess, if I post entries that have words and titles like "gorgeous boobs" or "teenage sluts" or "nude sex pictures" or anything else like that, then people may find my blog more often than now.

Actually, remember this post? After posting this entry, I noticed a sudden increase in my visits. And guess how they ended up to my blog? They searched for "big breasts" and they clicked on my blog, since it was one of the results.

Anyway, enough of the sex talk. Today was the last day I went to the university to deal with academic and research agenda. I gave my final talk earlier today. It went well again, and hopefully, I infused some interest in new stuff to the people in the department. I had my email written in my handouts, I guess it is a way of networking in the academe.

The department was a bit jolly today. They actually had some food come in. They had roasted suckling pig, two types of Chinese noodles, and two types of cheesecake, plus the expected rice. The cheesecake was quite interesting; one was blueberry cheesecake, the other was "cheesy" cheesecake.

So the question for the semanticist is, isn't it that being a cheesecake entails that it is cheesy? I guess not.

Anyway, I have to go now. I have a big day ahead tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my final full day here, and I will be doing some major cleaning and packing. So I leave you with my yet another issue of my Old Fort Niagara Series. This is the bunk room. The wooden long plank on the right is where the soldiers slept during the 18th century, when this fort was still used.

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