23 June 2007

Itchy Feet Version 2.0

I guess some of my dear readers remember reading this post, which was written last year about my prospective vacation destinations. It was written just a few days after I came back from a two-and-a-half-month-long vacation in Prague. And yet I want to go somewhere again.

I guess it is just my own human nature. Because right now, in the middle of processing my data from my experiments, whenever I get bored looking at these numbers and encoding them, I go online and surf the internet again for prospective destinations for the next summer.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Ecuador was Site 5 in my previous itchy feet post. And here are the answers for the rest:

  • Site 1: Yerevan, Armenia

  • Site 2: Delhi, India

  • Site 3: Marrakesh, Morocco

  • Site 4: Machu Picchu, Peru

  • Site 5: Quito, Ecuador

Now, on to my current selection. I have increased them from five to ten. Do you happen to know where these are?

Site 1: 3815 miles from Buffalo

I've been planning to go here with the family before. So, if you dear readers remember some of my botched plans for the past couple of years, you may know this. Besides, this may be a good addition to the collection, especially if I am intending on visiting every inhabited continent on the planet. This location is Islamic (obviously), and will induce time-warp effects to the traveler. The cuisine is amazing as well.

  • Transportation: The airfare is not so bad, if one is coming from Buffalo. I may have to connect through a European airport though.

  • Visa: I do not need one. I can stay in the country for 90 days.

  • Language: English is not the common language. But then again, I was in Ecuador and I had no problems. Learning a few phrases here and there is not a big deal.

Site 2: 5204 miles from Buffalo

Reaching this destination of mystic stones and an island with a botched history of cannibalism can be fun. But then, it is in the middle of the ocean, so that may be a problem. Still, I don't know, I long for the mystical sometimes. I guess recognizing these statues is pretty easy?

  • Transportation: This is the hard part. The distance shown above is a direct measurement from Buffalo to this island. But of course, that is impossible. I have to go to a different continent and fly from a capital city to this island. Thus, the airfare may be way expensive.

  • Visa: I have to get one from the embassy. Thus, that is added hassle.

  • Language: I don't really consider this a problem, because again, I've survived Ecuador, why not this one?

Site 3: 1839 miles from Buffalo

This is pretty close. Again, many of you may recognize where this is. Seeing this in the pictures makes me want to buy a better camera, not just a point-and-shoot digital. Oh well, I am still satisfied with mine, so I won't for now. Hiking from the top to the river, and back, is a good way to spend time here. I won't say more.

  • Transportation: There isn't an airport that is near. One should fly to either of the two nearest cities, both of which are a half-day's drive from the site. Cars are a must, so that is a low point for the solo traveler.

  • Visa: No need to get one. I already have one.

  • Language: Definitely not a problem.

Site 4: 8006 miles from Buffalo

Ah. This is a different experience. Seeing old temples, visiting royal gardens, and all of those, juxtapose that with tons of bikes, people wearing straw hats shaped like bowls, may be a fun experience. The problem with this is it is too far, at least, for now. Still, it is becoming one of the more popular destinations in its continent.

  • Transportation: Airfare is expensive, due to the fact that it is on the other side of the planet. The whole trip lasts 26 hours one way. Definitely a low-point.

  • Visa: I don't need one for 21 days.

  • Language: Good point. Their language has tones, which I am not good at. English isn't keeping up much, due to its political ideology.

Site 5: 5108 miles from Buffalo

I always wanted to go here. If ever I would go here, I'd spend one full week just in the city alone. It was named and renamed a couple of times, and has been a big player in world history. I am also a fan of its music. There are plenty of palaces to visit, and one can also see mystical religious dancers, which I believe is a very trance-inducing experience.

  • Transportation: A bit high, but not as bad as the former site. There is a direct flight from JFK, but doing a connection in another European city may be cheaper.

  • Visa: I need one. Fortunately, I can apply online and just mail my passport to them.

  • Language: English seems to be understood, although learning a few phrases of their language that is heavily influenced by Arabic would help as well.

Site 6: 633 miles from Buffalo

I believe this is the closest one in my current list. I have developed a liking to certain earth-oriented activities, and as the picture suggests, caving is the thing to do here. This is the largest cave system in the world, and the park authorities offer caving tours that range from the easy stroll to the difficult trail, complete with hanging equipment and all.

  • Transportation: Again, no near airport. I should fly to either of the two nearest cities. Then do a half-day drive again. So I should go here with a friend and rent a car or postpone it. Airfare to the cities are relatively cheap though.

  • Visa: Again, I don't need one, because I already have one.

  • Language: Again, definitely not a problem.

Site 7: 4616 miles from Buffalo

This is a very ethnic city in the Atlantic. The beach is great, and the culture is superb. One can see different instantiations of voodoo and other African-based religions. Aside from that, the city has a great colonial center worth exploring.

  • Transportation: Intermediate between near and far. Airfare is a little bit high, but can be managed. I have to fly to a big city of the country and then take a domestic flight to this city.

  • Visa: No need. I am welcome to stay in the country without a visa for 90 days, a privilege that Americans don't have.

  • Language: Not English. I may have to learn a few phrases here and there. But that is again, not a problem.

Site 8: 6353 miles from Buffalo

This was once a city in the Silk Road. I would die to visit this place. However, there are a few constraints, due to the fact that the country isn't a typical tourist destination. If I would go here, I would have to arrange a package tour. This is due to the fact that the country isn't tourist-friendly yet, add to that the language barrier.

  • Transportation: Expensive. Not a lot of airlines fly to the country. Turkish Airlines is the only reputable airline (in my opinion) that flies there. Besides, if I ride other airlines, I may have to connect in Moscow, and that gives me visa problems.

  • Visa: I have to be endorsed by the travel agency to get an entry visa. Plus, if I fly via Moscow, I have to get a Russian transit visa. So the fees may add up making it not feasible for the moment.

  • Language: Russian is widely understood, but they have their own language as well.

Site 9: 3580 miles from Buffalo

This is breath-taking. I'd love to be that person in the picture on top of the rock. The country has plenty of scenery that one can explore. It is also known for those narrow canyons with water in between. This country can also give me the opportunity to experience the midnight sun. But things here are expensive, so it could incur a dent in my budget.

  • Transportation: Rather cheap, compared to the other sites. However, the country-internal travel is not.

  • Visa: I need one. I may have to go to New York City to apply for a visa, which is a pain.

  • Language: English is widely understood.

Site 10: 5703 miles from Buffalo

Again, an enigmatic destination. There are plenty of churches and monuments to see, plus, the mountain which was Noah's Ark's final destination is the backdrop of the city.

  • Transportation: A bit expensive. This is due to few competition from airlines, since few airlines fly here. So they can raise the prices.

  • Visa: I need to get one. But I can apply online, and just fly there and receive the visa at the airport.

  • Language: Russian is widely understood, not English.

So, there are my current choices. Like last year, it took me about a year to plan my next vacation. It is funny that I haven't been back to Buffalo yet but I am already making plans to go out again.

So, do you know where these places are?


  1. wow!

    such a wishlist...let me see

    morocco, turkey, iran?

    just my guesses...love to travel, too

    I, too, love languages. studied nihongo and spanish. knowledgable in cebuano/visaya/ilonggo :)

  2. Tutubi,

    You're correct in Morocco and Turkey. But not Iran, although I do not exclude that in my places to go before I die, but possibly not in the near future. At least not while I am residing in a country which calls Iran a member of the "axis of you-know-what". That might create some complications when traveling in my part.