24 June 2007

System Shutdown

As the days to which my stay here in Manila ends, I am also starting to wrap up not just my experiments, but also the house as well. Due to the fact that I am the last one out here in the old family house, I am the one assigned with the duty.

I've disposed of plenty of old, really old, condiments and kitchen wares. I cannot believe that the blue cheese salad dressing that I bought two years ago, when I was still living here, is still in the fridge! The same thing goes to the basil pesto bottle, and other liquids and sauces as well. The balsamic vinegar, the red and white wine vinegar, both are still there. And I remember that those were already far out when I left. So, their final destination was the garbage can of course.

With regard to the spices, they were a little bit more fortunate. The cleaning lady was here last Friday, and I was putting all those little bottles of nutmeg, coriander, paprika, and the rest of the gang in a paper bag. When the cleaning lady was leaving, I told her that I would join her at the gate, since I was throwing out these garbage. Well, she asked for it, telling me that she may be able to use them still. Ok! But those were already very old, I made Hungarian Goulash a few weeks ago using the paprika, and it didn't turn red. The paprika was already black. The taste was a little, off.

The desktop computer is already packed and stored in the bedrooms. The pantry and cupboard are almost clean. I am going to disconnect the fridge and clean it possibly tomorrow or the day after, because I don't want to leave it with coagulated blood, sauce drippings, and all that. Gross.

I only have to make two trips to the university this week. I am done with my experiments, and I am just going to go there for the two remaining lectures that I have to give. One will be given tomorrow, and the other on Thursday. On either Tuesday or Wednesday, I will go to the bank for some financial business, and on Thursday, on my way to the university, I will drop by the phone company to return the DSL equipment so that it could be cut off from service. I have asked the cleaning lady to come to my house this Friday again, so that she can wash my clothes in the morning, iron it in the afternoon, and I can fold and pack it in the evening.

Starting this week, another person will be coming to our house, so that he can be familiar with the dogs, since he will be the one in charge of feeding them from now on. I hope the dogs will behave, or else, they will die.

I've already reconfirmed my flights as of last week. I am so ready to leave.

Oh well, I better go now, I still have to finish my handout for my lecture tomorrow. Here is another of my Old Fort Niagara Series. This is the old bakery, where they bake bread. Yeah, redundant I know.

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