29 June 2007

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

In conjunction with my former post's topic, I realized that I've been around the web for about two years now. Is it time to take my relationship with this blog to the next level? (Oh my, I am personifying my relationship with this blog. That's a sign that I need to get a life, just kidding.) Someone suggested that I upgrade to WordPress. But is it worth it?

So, bloggers who use WordPress, what are the perks of using it that a free Blogger account cannot provide? Is it just the domain name? Or do you need to buy it as well? I mean, some of you know me. I am a pragmatist. Why should I take the time and trouble (and perhaps money) for something that I can get for free?

How about the software? Do I need to install it in my system? Does that mean that I cannot blog using a public computer? Is there a learning curve in using this software (although I am not too worried about learning it, I've learned LaTeX pretty painless, the only thing I am worried about is time)?

Oh well, things I need to think about.

Speaking of upgrades, I guess I am also thinking of another thing that I may join. I may join a professional society pertaining to my field starting this academic year. I am already half-way through my program, and membership to professional societies do have perks. Besides, I only get the student rate for membership, and that's not too bad. I can also add that to my CV later on.

Speaking of my CV, I should update it soon. I have three invited talks to include.

One thing though is in need of a downgrade. And that is my weight. While I was here, people told me three things; that either I didn't change, I lost weight, or I gained weight. I made myself believe that if I average those three, I end up with not changing at all. But when I weighed myself in the weighing scale due to curiosity and a necessity to know how heavy my bags are, I was surprised at what I saw. Ok, I guess I need to get back to eating vegetarian. I didn't eat any meat during my first year of living in Buffalo. Then after a year, I ate meat again, until now. Ok, the moment my airplane touches down in Buffalo Niagara International Airport, I won't be cooking any meat dishes again.

I guess this is my last post from Manila. I am almost done packing, and I'll be leaving tomorrow at 9:00 local time. I'll see you all at the other side of the world. So before that, let me show you another one of my Old Fort Niagara Series. This is a reconstructed bunker, where there are mattresses for the soldiers, and other stuff in the room.

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  1. Pogi,

    Surf to this link about WordPress:


    It says, the platform is a blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database and is free. Its the official successor of b2\cafelog, developed by Michel Valdrighi.