03 July 2007

...and the Cycle Starts Again

Yesterday was the start of my summer class that I will be teaching for the next 6 weeks. It's the second half of summer, and it is a smaller-than-usual class. There only is 20 students and some of them don't even come to class.

Anyway, yesterday was horrible. I felt like I woke up in a car after a long roadtrip. Well, metaphorically speaking, I was in a trip, it's just that it wasn't done in a road. My ear wasn't cooperating up to the last minute, due to my cold. It seemed that my right ear was blocked. Add to that the jetlag. I woke up at 2:00 AM in the morning yesterday, and has been awake until I taught the class. I did take a short hour-long nap around 3:00 PM, and that made my forehead red, but that still didn't help. Anyway, after class, I went straight home and jumped to bed. I woke up at 8:00 today, and hopefully that repairs everything.

My class is interesting. There are students that are taking it just because they have to, there are students that are taking it because they want to. There are interesting characters, both good and bad. We'll see how it goes.

So I got this email from the conference planning committee, and it included a number of abstracts that I have to read and review. I guess that will be the work that I'll be doing for the next week. We have a meeting next week, so I need to read them before that day comes.

Ok, I know it is pretty short, but then, I did post some very long entries these past days. So it just equalizes things. So, here is the last photo from my Old Fort Niagara Series. This is the roof of the fort, it looks like a dance hall to me. So, watch out for my new photo series on my next post!

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