09 July 2007

Cathars, the Holy Grail, and other Mysteries

Monday. It was hot in the morning. I didn't realize that there are days that are hot in Buffalo as well. I guess this is the first time I am here for the summer. The first time I was in Buffalo was August. This was already nearing the end of the summer, so, although the days were still long, I didn't really sweat. This was 2005.

2006. I was in Prague for the whole summer. I came back to Buffalo at the beginning of August, so again, I wasn't here for the July heat. It was hot in Prague, yes, but I didn't know if that was on par with the Buffalo summer.

2007. Now I know. It is hot. But not all the time. Not like the sweltering heat that the West experiences. There are days that reach up to 90, but there are also days that just reach up to 75.

So, while I am here in the summer, I open my windows and let the air through. At least there is wind.

I have finished preparing all the class notes that I need for my summer class. I guess it is indeed easier when you teach a class the second time around. You already know what to do, and you can correct your mistakes that you have done the last time.

There is a mystery I want to solve. Someone has been reading this blog. Of course, I don't mind if people read this blog, that's why it is available online. But someone is reading it from the university's server. I know. I have a tracker. And my tracker ignores my own visits. So it is not me. Plus, I see the date and time when it was visited and definitely I didn't visit my blog during those times. I wonder who it is.

Should I be careful as to what I am writing here? I guess I always was careful. I know that freedom of speech is really not totally available to everyone. People have been fired from their jobs due to some blogging faux pas. So I am careful.

I am totally engrossed at this novel that I am reading. It is set in the 13th century and the present, and the story revolves around two women, one in the past and one in the present. It is set in southern France, in Languedoc. I guess it makes me want to visit Carcassona, Chartres, Beziers, and Toulouse sometime. Well, that is something that I would definitely do, in the future.

One thing that makes me wonder when reading this novel is the importance of sex scenes in storylines. Even though the novel I am reading is an adventure novel, with heads being decapitated and bodies burned in scenes of war, and bloody wounds being dressed, there are a few sex scenes here and there. I guess adultery existed even back in the 13th century, and men groping women's breasts were also the norm back then. But aside from a brief tangent from the action, is there any other purpose that the sex scene serves in the story? I don't know. Maybe I should take a Creative Writing class someday so that I should know. Is there a subject "Creative Writing 101: Sexuality in Literature"?

Another mystery that I am pondering about relates to the fact of employment. Why is it that jobs that I like, and jobs that I think will suit me, keep popping when I am still not searching? Like this job posting? I am a member of LinguistList and so job posts like these are emailed to my mailbox. Regarding this one, the things that they want are exactly what I am working at! I work on Formal Semantics, and I am using experimental methods in linguistics! When I saw this, I forgot the fact that I am not yet a PhD and I looked at what it is like to live in Santa Cruz, California. Hopefully, there are some more of these when I graduate in a few years time.

In the meantime, I have started to plan my next trip for next summer. Some people are interested in joining, but still, that is up in the air. As of now, I am going alone. I have already logged online and bought the guidebook, and so I can read it and plan my itinerary when it arrives in the next few days.

So, again, here is another shot from my Quito Centro Historico Series. This is the same plaza as in the previous shots, albeit a few hours later. So the rain is gone, and voila! There are people!

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