13 July 2007


It's a Friday.

And I have just realized that a summer semester progresses real fast!

My class will only meet for 6 weeks, and yet, 2 weeks are already over. One-third of the semester is already done!

Wow. No wonder the material is covered really fast as well.

Good thing I taught this class before, and so I already have the material. Because if not, then I would have to do the preparation real fast as well.

What took two weeks to cover a section in the regular semester took just a day in the summer semester.

Indeed, things move fast in the summer. I guess I won't be bored in the end.

I just received some paperwork in the Campus Mail regarding my reimbursement for the award I got last semester. Everything seemed to be straightforward and I believe I will be getting the check in the next few days. Sweet!

Ok, here is again another shot from my Quito Centro Historico Series. This is a small street in the old town, and the buildings are brightly painted. Most of the streets in the old town are one-way streets, and they are arranged in the grid-like fashion.

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